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Ashish Airon would not have witnessed his heyday as an AI startup owner, had he not failed in his fourth semester while pursuing an undergraduate degree from the Delhi University. Ashish chose to turn his weakness into his mere strength. That culminated into completing his graduation with first-class honors and subsequently he completed his post-graduation from the Oxford University. But the journey from a failed student to that of a competent owner of an AI startup owner was not very simple for Ashish.

Prior to cracking his post graduation from the Oxford University, he faced rejections back to back from most of consultants, but, somehow managed to get through independently. Subsequently, he moved to Frankfurt and joined a German stint and worked there for not more than 7 months. Finally, with a loan of rupees 5 lakh and some of his savings from his erstwhile company, he opened an AI based company named Metatensor in the year 2016. But setting up a company of this sort in UK was not the cup of his tea according to Ashish. After running his company from 2016 to 2018 in UK, he finally came back to Delhi and renamed it as CogniTensor.

Some of his partners who also comprise CogniTensor at the moment are Arun Agarwal and that of Pankaj Mathur. Prior to becoming a part of this, both Arun and Pankaj have a huge experience in their individual areas of interest. Where Arun has worked with eminent companies like IBM, Lucent, DEC, Pankaj is an FMS Graduate from Delhi and has also worked with flurry of MNC’s like IBM, HP as well as Orange.

According to Ashish, CogniTensor provides a comprehensive platform known as the DeepOptics which assists customers in making predictive decisions in terms of garnering beneficial business solutions for their organization. They are also offering a substantial mobile app named CogniViz which allows transform your various data insights into data dashboards. This helps you manage your business activities efficiently by providing you access to key data metrics irrespective of its source.

Ashish says that the CogniTensor has already garnered a revenue of 2 crore in the first year of its business and is expecting to increase the amount by an extent of 300 times more. Ashish and his partners are also looking forward to collaborate with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in order to predict certain types of diseases before they could occur.


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