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The major constraint that a student gets while studying abroad is getting acquainted to the nitty-gritty of that particular nation. Amit Singh, the Director and Co-founder of Adventum Offshore and Sayantan Biswas, an IIT-Roorkee drop-out aimed at removing this constraint that each and every offshore learning aspirant has to face especially somewhere in India. The duo initially had a word about the start-up’s investment opportunities, but soon the discussion culminated to getting aspiring students the right platform to pursue their higher studies abroad, hence, UniAcco came into being. Amit has an extensive knowledge in the real estate and finance sector and has worked at companies like Birla Sunlife Asset Management, Standard Chartered Bank, Tata AMC etc.

It has tied up with some of the major Purpose Built Student Accommodation providers (PBSAs) to make the process of migration for the students as easy as possible. Apart from providing a suitable accommodation to the students, UniAcco also provides some of the other services like student loan, visa procurement, guarantors as well as concierge services. It also provides special privileges to students like provision of pre-activated SIM cards post arrival and that of pick-up services as well. It has merged up with organizations like HDFC Credila, Avanse Financial Services and few others to make the financial process as easy and convenient for the students.

However, the services mentioned above are completely free of cost and mostly gets its funding for that from the several PBSAs. Amit who initially invested 1.5 crore is also looking forward to getting a financial aid from Adventum Offshore, an organization he is still a part of. Amit said that it has by far received 20,000 bookings and is expected to reach a client base of 80,000 clicks within the next couple of years.

Amit also said that most of the bookings are based upon short duration courses and is looking forward to take up the long duration course bookings as from March, 2020 onwards. He also added that the average rent for an accommodation is between 120 and 175 pounds on a per week basis. Amit also opines that UniAcco stands out from others for the great deal of flexibility they provide to overseas learning aspirants based upon their ‘Compare-Consult-Choose’ theory.


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