At The ShareStory, we believe in the power of stories and storytelling. We believe that stories are meant to be shared, they build communities. They are memory aids, instruction manuals and moral compasses.

‘Share’, itself signifies the common drift that binds us together. In our case, it is entrepreneurship. The shared passion for business, technology and growth has brought us together to create a platform that brings forward every aspect of a start-up story.

Our aim is to access, share,  explain and display the breathtaking spark of innovation that fuels every entrepreneur and changemaker. We strive to share stories of struggle, passion and brilliance by bringing the unsung hustlers of our economy onto the stage they deserve.

The ShareStory is a user-friendly and comprehensive one-stop destination for all start-up founders and enthusiasts. We bring carefully picked stories about entrepreneurs, funding analyses, significant investments, technical advancements, policy changes as well as upcoming trends.

We are based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and are on a mission to share stories right from our heart so that they can touch yours.