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Are you tired of all the different apps that deem to be taking away all the space in your phone? Well then the Bengaluru based start-up- BOB- may have the perfect solution for you.

The popularity of WhatsApp in India

Currently India has over 40 crore Whatsapp users, residing in its various cities, town and even the most remote villages. In fact this is where Whatsapp stands apart from the other apps. While most of the mobile apps find its users among the Tier-I cities, Whatsapp has been able to reach even those people who have very limited idea regarding technology.

The idea Behind BOB

BOB stands for Business on Bot, an AI start-up, which is the brain child of an IIT graduate Mohit Kumar.

Mohit began his career by working in a bank where he handled the institute’s Whatsapp Banking initiatives. Since it required a close co-ordination with the, Mohit was able to take a good note on the client’s psyche. He observed a trend where by the people that were residing in the Tier II cities and beyond were quite hesitant to use new apps while they were quite comfortable to use the various functions of the bank over Whatsapp. This very observation became the fuel to his own venture, which is known by BOB.

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BOB- the Commerce Super Bot

Mohit, the co – founder of BOB launched it merely with an investment of 2 lakhs in August 2019. It is believed to be the first Commerce Super Bot in India. All the various functions such as paying bills or phone recharge, ordering food, medicine or even your cab can be done only through a single command in BOB.

However Mohit is not alone in his venture to take BOB forward. He has also pooled in the help of his friend Aditya Saxena who was a batch mate in IIT to assist him through with the initial prototype of the App.

Scaling the future

Though BOB has only been founded recently, it has already been making significant achievements. It has already partnered with Whatsapp along with some other service providers so that it may provide its users with the most seamless experience. Looking at the popularity Whatsapp already enjoys in India, one may say that BOB definitely has a bright future.


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