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Pratik Gauri is a serial social entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and writer committed to making the world a better place by creating the 5th Industrial Revolution through servant-driven leadership.

Invited to WEF Davos, United Nations, Skoll World Forum, Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

Pratik Gauri is also the India CEO of United States-based 5th Element Group – a global impact management consultancy, CoFounder of #LetsDoThis – India’s flagship GTM engine, CoFounder of Alt Ctrl-a blockchain-enabled PAAS ( platform as a service ), CoFounder of Social Impact Alliance – India’s leading social impact network, CoFounder of #LetsGoSocial – a creative marketing agency, Co-Founder of India Needs You – a leadership movement, Co-Founder of GlassTick – a zero-waste B2B glassware solutions brand, has held executive positions with the TATA Group, and is on the advisory board of purpose-startups across India / USA / Europe / Africa.

Through the 5th element group, Pratik Gauri is helping create the 5th Industrial Revolution by working with brands to amplify their brand warmth by unlocking millions of dollars for social causes using the shared language of the UN SDGs.

Pratik Gauri is a public TEDx speaker, a social media influencer with more than 200k followers, and his works have been covered by World Economic Forum, Real Leaders magazine, NASDAQ, The Climate Reality Project, Business Today, Times of India, several IITs/IIMs, among others.

He is an established writer and contributes to Real Leaders, WEF, MIT Technology Review, Thrive Global, among others.

Pratik Gauri holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and a Certificate in Strategic Management of Non Profits from the University of Chicago.

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as an entrepreneur.
I Am A Serial Social Entrepreneur, Investor, Public Speaker, And Writer. I’ve Founded 5 Startups In The Last Decade And Am On The Board Of 4 More Startups Across India / USA / Europe / Africa.

When I Saw Poverty Around Me As A Child Growing Up In Delhi, I Developed A Passion To Lift People Around Me. The Best Way I Thought Problems Like Hunger / Contaminated Water/climate Crisis/lack Of Education Could Be Solved Was By Running Purpose-driven Startups Solving These Problems Backed By Sustainable Financial Models.

I Started My First Company In The Education Space When I Was 17 Years Old. Then, I’ve Come A Long Way And Have Founded 5 Companies ( All In The Social Impact Space ), And I Am On The Advisory Board Of 4 Purpose-startups Across India / USA / Europe / Africa.

From A 17-year-old Young Enthusiastic Boy Who Wanted To Change The World To A 29-year-old Social Entrepreneur, My Journey Has Been Fascinating. I Was Lucky To Get Scholarships To Study At Top Schools Of India And The United States – So, Most Of My Education Was Free! Thanks To The Incredible India / USA Education System Which Allows Folks To Study On Meritorious Scholarships.

During My Journey, I Have Also Been Lucky To Work With Fortune 500 Brands – I Worked With Reckitt Benckiser And Also Ran A 50 Million Dollar Line For Tata Sky By Heading Their Trade Sales For Delhi.

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However, I Decided To Leave My High Paying Job, Apply My Learnings To Entrepreneurship, And Start Companies Which Solve Social Problems.

Now, I Dedicate Most Of My Energy And Time In Building Companies Which Help Achieve The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals By 2030, I’m Trying To Champion 5th Industrial Revolution In India Through My Portfolio Of Companies. I Don A Lot Of Hats – I Am The India Ceo Of 5th Element Group – A Global Impact Management Consultancy, Cofounder Of #letsdothis – A Flagship Brand In The Go-To-Market Space, Cofounder Of Alt Ctrl – Blockchain Paas ( Platform As A Service ) To Redefine Social Giving, And Cofounder Of Glastic – A B2b Glassware Solutions Brand, And Cofounder And Chairman Of India Needs You – A Leadership Movement.

I Also Serve On Board Of Labhya Foundation Which Stewarding Happiness Curriculum Across India, Ecobora Which Is Producing Affordable Biomass Carbonized Pellets Which Are Used To Cook Meals In Homes Via Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves, And Abhiprerna Talks Which Is Trying To Democratize Inspiration Pan-India.

I Am Also An Angel Investor, Public Tedx Speaker, And A Writer Contributing To Real Leaders Magazine, Wef, MIT Technology Review, Thrive Global, Among Others.

2.Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job?
Two Things:

I Was Always Inspired By Innovators Like Bill Gates / Elon Musk /Steve Jobs Etc Because of Their Scale Of Impact And Circle Of Influence Is Big
I Always Wanted To Contribute To Society By Lifting People BySolving Social Problems Through Innovative Technology Solutions. TheBest Way To Make This Happen Is Running Companies, Developing SolutionsAnd Bringing These Ideas To Life.

3.What was the vision behind it?
My Vision Is To See People Live More Abundant And Happier Lives While Not Compromising On Climate.

For This, I’m Creating A 5th Industrial Revolution Where We Use Technology To Solve The Challenges Of Humanity. I’m Trying To Steward Un SDGs In India By My Portfolio Of Companies In The 5ir Space.

4.Describe the services that you offer to your customers and in what way they are unique?
With 5th Element Group, we work with brands to amplify their brand warmth by unlocking millions of dollars for social causes using the shared language of the UN SDGs. We just took Harpic’s Mission Paani to WEF Davos.

With ALT CTRL, we are offering the world’s first blockchain-enabled platform to redefine social giving with more transparency using decentralized economy

With #LetsDoThis, we are India’s only GTM company which is a performance-driven engine, we help brands scale and only make money when they make money – our entire portfolio companies are focused on using technology to bend the focus back to humanity

5.What difficulties which you have faced or you are facing?
One of the biggest challenges I faced when I started my entrepreneurial
journey was to embrace and overcome “loneliness”. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely initially but now I have so many world-changing entrepreneurs as friends, and I am a part of amazing networks with some of them being World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Nobel Peace Prize Forum delegates, Skoll World Forum delegates, Climate Reality Leaders, Startup Leadership Program Fellows, EPX members, amongst many others.

Second is building a financial model which is profitable from day 1, I have always believed in running cash flow positive businesses, so a big challenge is to keep playing with your models until you figure out Your sweet spot.

6.How do you handle the pressure and manage stress?
I am never stressed. I make sure I’m always surrounded by positive Optimistic people, I call them superhumans lol

In my free time, I travel /play golf / hit the gym/play with my dog / Spend time with family to maintain a work-life balance.

7.What is one strategy that you believe has helped you grow as a person/startup?
Always set goals for yourself which seem Impossible.

We Rarely Unlock Our True Potential Unless We Are Forced To Overcome What Seems Impossible.

8.How your company is helping India to grow?
Through my portfolio of companies, I create solutions to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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So, I am mobilizing millions of dollars to solve challenges of the India like hunger, quality education, gender equality, access to clean water, etc.

9.In your opinion what are the keys to success?
Don’t be afraid of challenges, Never Give Up, Ask for help and have good mentors, Take calculated risks, and always Believe in yourself.

Don’t Work For Money, Work For Impact And Success Will Follow

10.What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?
Trust The Process. When you start a company, it takes time to get your first customer, it takes time to become profitable and it takes time before people start believing in your model. Until that happens, don’t lose hope and keep trying and you’ll succeed. Trust The Process.


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