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The coronavirus pandemic has left a big impact on country’s business. Every industry has to come up with innovative ideas to attract consumers and more importantly retain them. In one such unique idea to attract attention on its website, Snapdeal has partnered with local language news platform DailyHunt.

The step has been taken to maximize the use of online shopping and enhance browsing experience for its users. DailyHunt is expected to add a news vertical to Snapdeal’s platform in different sections like sports, business, politics. Art, technology and cinema. This will allow the users to access news from Snapdeal’s app without having to install any other app or referring to any other website.

The content will be available in 14 different Indian languages to make it user-friendly for non-metro users. DailyHunt will also be creating special vernacular content for Snapdeal. The new website will also be used to market the e-commerce company by playing its product videos on the platform.

Commenting on the development, a Snapdeal spokesperson said, “Snapdeal offers a customized assortment feed to each of our buyers. Our partnership with Dailyhunt furthers this emphasis on personalizing the experience for each user and bringing content in their local language and flavor.”

Snapdeal has a good hold on Tier II cities with about 80% business from those cities and beyond. Dailyhunt is a widely used platform accessed from 95% of country’s pincodes. It also has around 330 million monthly users which will provide Snapdeal access to a wide set of audience. The partnership will be interesting to observe considering each and every platform is trying something new to attract consumers and generate revenue.


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