It is times like these that call for creativity and innovation in the industry to keep thing moving for the businesses as well as make consumers’ lives easier. IndieTap, a Delhi-based essential services provide has started an online platform which lists the technicians for the users to select from providing an ease in reaching right service during the lock-down days of Corona Virus.

The company verifies the technicians before updating their names on the platform making it secure to use. Manjit Purewal, Managing Director of IndieTap explained that the app works on an uberised platform where users can directly connect with the required technician. These service providers are instructed to strictly adhere to government prescribed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The technicians available on the platform are not only verified but also are strictly told to maintain sanitization guidelines as directed by state while also rigorously following government SOP.

Chief Technology Officer at IndieTap, Naveen Jha stated in a statement that the platform provides services of plumbers, electricians and various other utility service providers. The company has future plans to expand its services in the metro cities in near future and is also launching a home tutor mobile up to upscale its business.


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