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Language Curry is an ed-tech startup that raised $92,000 in a funding round led by Rebalance Angel Community. Language Curry is a Gurugram based startup started by Vatsala Sharma, Puneet Singh, and Aneesha Jyoti. 

The company’s app makes learning Indian languages easy, interactive, and culturally relevant for ex-pats, tourists, international students, kids, domestic migrants, NRIs, and cultural enthusiasts. The app’s objective is to promote linguistic unity and diversity. The feeling of learning one’s mother tongue and being connected to one’s culture. 

They offer five Indian languages currently: Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Kannada, and Gujarati.

This funding by Rebalance would be used to build their core product building, marketing, talent acquisition, and introducing new languages and product features. 

The app is built on native app technology. Learning happens through gamified modules including audio and visual aids and assessments. The courses are divided into 25 levels that build fluency in learning the language, along with focusing on essential grammar. The app also provides vocab flashcards that help build essential vocabulary based on important aspects. 

The investors added, ”We at Chandigarh Angels see immense potential in Language Curry’s growth story. We absolutely loved the app experience and the vision of the founders” said, Vineet Khurana, Chandigarh Angel Network.

Excited to see what’s stirring in the pot for Language Curry! 


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