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Surat based bootstrapped design resource marketplace startup Iconscout is working on creating a community of Indian designers and photographers to fulfill the creative needs of the country.

Started by Dalpat Prajapati, Mohit Gandhi and Varun Trivedi in 2015 and soon joined by  Arpan Rank, Jemis Mali, and Tarun Mangukiya, Iconscout is a design resource marketplace that offers ready-to-use high-quality icons, illustrations and photos to people from over 150 countries who are making purchases from its own library of over two million icons, illustrations, and stock photos for their businesses.

Initially started as a design studio, which provided different design services like logo design, web design and UI design, Iconscout got associated with companies like Hackster, Exotel, Headout, Uber, KTM, etc., in the first year itself.

Facing difficulty in scaling the product from Surat, the team moved to Bengaluru in August 2016. Iconscout currently works with various leading companies like Unilever, Oracle, Sony, Infosys and Urban Company.

In 2018, Iconscout received their first non-equity grant from Adobe under their Adobe fund for design programme. The same startup soon received a grant from InVisionApp Inc. in 2019 making Iconscout the first company in the world to receive grants from both these companies.

In future, Iconscout aims to focus on strong icons, illustrations, and stock photos API for all its assets, which can be a part of other applications, making it much efficient for users. The startup also wants to launch custom sticker API, and is working on another product called ‘Poster’, which is a regional language-based graphic editor while also planning to introduce copyright and licensing of creative assets on Blockchain.

After generating $500,000 revenue till date, the design resource marketplace is targeting a revenue of $1 million by 2021. The startup currently has around 2,00,000 plus registered users and the app and plugins have seen around 500,000 installs. “We have a community of 1,500+ designers and photographers from around the world who have contributed to more than two million+ design resources on the platform,” says Dalpat. 


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