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The electric mobility space has been very trendy for the past few years, now. Not only trendy, it now seems like the need of the hour due to the constant increase in levels of pollution. With an effective cost and good to the environment, it feels like quite a deal! 

Considering the aforementioned, Detel a tech startup that has manufactured TVs, feature phones and accessories, launched Detel Easy yesterday, 13, August’20 and claimed it to be the world’s most economical e-two-wheeler. A single piece of Detel Easy costs 19,999 INR (plus GST) and is touted as not only affordable to buy but also affordable to use and operate. It was founded by Dr. Yogesh Bhatia in 1991 and is a Delhi NCR based startup. 

 It comes equipped with drum brakes and the company is providing a free helmet with every purchase. The e-two-wheeler can accommodate two passengers (one driver) at a time and is made available in three colors – Black, White, and Metallic Red. 

Detel hopes that Delhi’s new EV policy, in particular, will bolster the case of electric vehicles in the country. “This addition in our portfolio will be our first step in our endeavour of reducing vehicular pollution in the cities and increase the penetration of EV as intended by the people and various state governments,” said Yogesh Bhatia, Founder, and CEO at Detel, a company which previously launched a feature phone for Rs. 299 and an LED TV for Rs. 3,999.

On paper though, Detel Easy appears to offer much bang for the buck. And in the larger scheme of things, it could help in further permeating EVs and EV-related awareness among the masses.

Detel is in for a ride!


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