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Cleartrip, an online travel company has launched a new product offering called ‘TravelSafe’ in their Middle East and India market. The product was already soft launched on May 23 this year and provides the users curated information around travel trends, travel planning, safety measures, protocols to be adhered to during traveling and new airlines and regulatory guidelines.

The new offering will be considering the changes made by government, airports and suppliers in the country. We have built TravelSafe with the objective of providing a curated view on all safety concerns that customers may have around travel. We will continue to update the content frequently and bring it in a richer form to further simplify it for our customers,” Stuart Crighton, CEO of Cleartrip told.

He also stated that the pandemic has had a major impact on customer behavior and safety will be primary factor in all travel plans. Balu Ramachandran, Global Head, Air Product at Cleartrip also commented on the situation saying airlines, airport and state governments have come out with their own set of regulations some of which are dynamically updated.

This can be overwhelming for our customers and in an attempt to cut through this complexity we have come out with TravelSafe. It provides customers curated information in one location that can help answer questions ranging from travel statistics, quarantine rules, airport and airline policy thus simplifying safe air travel for our customers,” Ramachandra added, “Customers are experiencing uncertainty and hence we have created products like TravelSafe and Flexifly to address concerns around safety and flexibility to increase customer confidence to travel.

Travelling is one of the hardest hit industries in the coronavirus pandemic as the entire world has come to a halt. It will be challenging to bring things back in line considering there is no particular cure to the deadly virus.


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