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Medtech firm, GE Healthcare counts India as its prime technology development work for their AI-based Healthcare platform Edison, as told by Nalinikanth Gollagunta, Managing Director, GE Healthcare South Asia. Edison allows GE Healthcare and its partners to deploy, manage and distribute advanced applications, services and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The firm stated that the upcoming project for them would be to build a set of tools that will open up the platform so that it becomes easier for other companies and startups to get onboard and access their network. “The bulk of this programming will be led by our engineers and we will be hiring 100 people dedicated to this by the end of this year,” Gollagunta said.

The company presently employees 2300 engineers at its development center in Bengaluru which is the center for most of the cutting-edge tech development. The company has not disclosed the exact investment into the project but Dileep Mangsuli, chief technology officer, GE Healthcare South Asia stated that out of the $1 billion allocated for Research and Development center of the company, a large proportion goes into developing Edison and other digital technology.

Through its Edison [X] startup program, GE Healthcare onboarded its first set of 5 startups. Gollagunta told that the firm will continue such engagements but the focus will shift from individual onboarding to expanding the platform. With the help of this platform, startups can collaborate and market their solutions to GE Healthcare customers across the world.

The program also allows the startups to access the GE customers and healthcare partners data. The first set of start-ups include those providing solutions in radio diagnostics and imaging using AI and machine learning.


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