Government imposed lockdown to curb novel coronavirus has posed great challenges for residents to get groceries and other essentials. There are multiple startups who have started focusing on delivering essentials even to rural parts of the country. The Government of India too has taken an initiative to provide support to the rural population of nation considering the reach to resources is much lesser for them. Government has started a village-level online retail chain to supply essentials where orders are taken through both online and offline means and home delivered.

Government digital seva portal, Common Service Centers Scheme (CSCs) which has a reach of 60 crore people with approximately 3.8 lakh outlets is incharge of the initiative under this initiative. This also includes private individuals and with the assistance of ministry of electronics and IT, the scheme is decided to operate.

Dinesh Tiyagi, CEO of CSC explained that the chains are like hyperlocal delivery services like Amazon and Flipkart but for rural population. They started the operations three weeks ago with 2000 CSC already on board serving around 12,000 villages. The villagers are given options to use the application installed in village level entrepreneurs’ (VLEs) mobile phones to place their orders. They can also give offline order through VLEs. These officials in the village are responsible to get the goods delivered within few hours of ordering.

The big names in e-commerce are failing to help the rural India and therefore government took this initiative to ease things for villagers. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority partnered with these CSCs earlier this month and launched ‘e-help’ which was an initiative to reach out to villages across Assam and provide them with essential services like counselling, banking, telemedicine and delivering essentials. The situation demanded innovative ways to deal with it and Government is trying its best to provide help to all the sections of the society.


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