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The retail shopkeepers are using the ongoing crisis to their opportunity and selling goods at higher rates than MRP. According to a survey conducted by LocalCircles, offline retailers are overpricing goods while online platforms are selling at MRP. The survey highlighted that 39% people felt they were being over charged for products in offline stores while 21% felt the same for e-commerce platforms.

Offline retailers have gained an edge over online stores because of government orders not allowing the e-commerce companies to function at their best. Charging over MRP is against government policies but as the orders are taken over WhatsApp, it has given the liberty to mask the original prices in the bill. The survey was done across 244 districts including more than 16,000 participants.

The results also showed that 52% people for offline stores and 54% for online platforms denied the overpricing which is more than half of the consumers in the survey. Rest 9% and 21% from offline and online store respectively did not have an opinion. The sanitization products like masks and sanitizers are also being sold at higher prices in in the initial weeks of lockdown. The survey has helped us to understand the use malpractices even in times like these and how a consumer has to be very attentive while purchasing goods.


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