Amidst the world pandemic, Freshworks has appointed Tyler Sloat as its Chief Finance Officer (CFO). The customer engagement software company has overgrown $200 million in annual recurring revenue which has doubled from last 18 months. A SaaS veteran, Sloat says that the market has changed but the business fundamentals that Freshworks sustained growth has not. He further explains that Freshworks provides affordable business products and deliver outstanding value.

Tyler has been put in charge of overseeing sustainable growth, accounting, finances, legal and IT functions of the company. Freshworks is growing bigger by every day because of it provides one of the most in-demand services, Customer support. Every company has been highly focusing on Customer Experience and that’s exactly what the startup fulfills.

Girish Mathrubootham, founder and CEO of Freshworks believes that their industry will change the way customers think and react. He welcomes Sloat to the team with open arms. Girish explains that Tyler has a strong performance and financial background which is necessary to run a disciplined model and accelerates their ability to generate higher revenue in coming years. Sloat has served big firms as CFO in past and has a promising background in the field.


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