Coronavirus growth rate has affected businesses heavily. With technology being no exception, Xiaomi launched Omnichannel alternative to provide aid to its marketing associates as the lockdown continues to extend. The head of the company also declared that all the fifty thousand employees are intact and working regardless of the impact of the pandemic. The Mi commerce solution lets people buy products without moving out of their houses

Manu Jain, The managing director of the company also mentioned about the company’s successful venture in a virtual conference. The chief operating officer, Muralikrishnan B, added that Xiaomi’s comparison cannot be made to any e- commerce website. The lockdown helped the solution gain approval and will help in expansion of the new venture.

 It is expected to grow in orange and green zones of the country. Almost ten thousand employees are expected to resume their sales post lockdown. Manu Jain stated about reoccupying the amenities upon government consent. The dreadnought 108 MP camera phone Mi 10 is probable to hit the markets by 8th of May.


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