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Amidst the lockdown, companies have been either laying off employees or cutting salaries to maintain financial stability. Tech Mahindra employees have complained about the company reducing their salaries in order to maintain profitability. Pune Labor Commission served a notice to the company after receiving complaint from an IT employee welfare organization.

National Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) received the complaint that the employees received emails last week stating that the payment between Rs 5000- Rs 10000 shift allowance per employee will be stopped from May 1. This will affect approximately 13K employees according to NITES. Even Wipro was served a similar notice last month.

The organization stated in the letter addresses to Tech Mahindra that they have violated Maharashtra Government’s orders where it is clearly given that no company can sack employees or cut their salaries during this time.

A Tech Mahindra spokesperson said, “The shift allowance paid for hardship due to travel to work at odd hours and other out of pocket expenses, continues to be paid to all Tech Mahindra associates, who are coming to office or are at client locations as per policy.” He also told that that the company’s focus is to maintain well-being of its associates, customers and partners with maintaining business continuity.


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