Troop mess

The new realities of work from home have changed the work culture forever. More and more companies will be adopting this concept even post lockdown and this creates a need for an organized system. Troop Messenger is one such startup that meets all the needs of a workspace like messaging, conference services, managing projects and other tools to build productivity.

The product was conceptualised in 2017 by Sudhir Naidu and comes under Tvisha Technologies, Sudhir’s first startup. The startup aims to provide one common place for the companies to manage their communication as well as documents. It is a team messaging and collaboration app which provides a safe space for data transfer.

Troop Messenger was designed keeping in mind the requirements of government, enterprises and defense. The startup prioritizes customer experience and revolves its strategies around it. The journey began with Sudhir starting Tvisha Technologies in 2003 and facing n number of challenges while communicating with the team. He and the team had to use multiple platforms to support their functions. It was chaotic and time consuming and often led to data loss and confusions. They tried multiple products in market but none of them could satisfy their needs and this led to the development of Troop Messengers.

The past two months have seen a consistent growth of 60-80% in the user base and a few of their clients are already renewing plans and signing up for annual membership. The startup aims to breakeven by second quarter of the year and then look for funding. Its current client base includes companies like Caspers, TripleJ Holdings, Lehua Group, St James Investment Advisors among others. Their main aim is customer acquisition and profitability currently.


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