There has been a massive increase in air pollution in past couple of years so much so that 21 out of 30 most polluted cities come from India. MyssTre, an initiative by Nikita Dattani produces nanofiber-based virus protective sustainable face masks and scarfs. The startup claims a 96% efficiency which is the highest in the country till date. They manufacture two types of scarfs- NanoAir rectangular and NanoAir triangular and face masks. The USP of the products is that they come with ultra-soft cotton which is soft on skin and covers the entire face against dust, bacteria, virus and pollens.

The family business gave a push to Nikita’s entrepreneurial dreams and she enrolled herself in Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)after completing her Bachelors in Finance. The production plant is located in Malegaon, Nikita’s hometown where her family also has a power loom and shirt manufacturing business. She used the existing resources to start MyssTre. The Covid-19 has created a demand for MyssTre products but the company has been seen a 100X growth in demand. They have a workforce of 8 handling production and other logistics with an added 4-member team looking after PR, advertising and distribution.

MyssTre focuses on local retail outlets and individual traders for business as well as e-commerce platforms and their own website for online sale. The startup usually focuses on bulk orders. MyssTre has received basic funding of Rs 40,000 from winning a competition at IIM-A and second funding of Rs 50,000 from Student Startup and Innovation Policy at EDII. The rest of the investment was made by Nikita’s family to set up the production unit. MyssTre aims to have an annual revenue of Rs. 80 lakh and above.

The Covid-19 crisis has impacted MyssTre in a positive way as the awareness about the product has increased growing the business by 80 times. The startup has plans of innovating the product by adding a sensor which will get a metrics of breathing patterns of individuals. Nikita currently has plans to widen Mysstre’s reach in international markets as well and experiment more with Nanofiber technology. The idea seems promising and the market is expected to grow as well giving an advantage to MyssTre.


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