Education is one of the biggest industries in India and holds a high scope of innovation. Pedagogy, an edtech startup from Ahmedabad provides books and reading material to students on a subscription basis. The startup has recently announced funding of $400,000 from Inflection Point Ventures (IPV).

Founded by Archin Shah, Abhilash Sonwane and Ritesh Gandhi in 2015, Pedagogy is making education affordable. The students preparing for engineering and medical entrance exams can get access to all popular books through a one-time subscription on Pedagogy. The students have to refer a number of books that do not come easy on their pocket. Not only does Pedagogy provide access to varied choice of content, it also provides personalised study and practice platform. Pedagogy works like any other entertainment platform like Netflix and Prime with providing content from publishers across country after subscription.

The Covid-19 crisis has given publishers a platform to reach students through Pedagogy. The startup also provides a chance to coaching centers to facilitate learning in such situations. This has made Pedagogy an enabler of education when things seem really uncertain for academia. Education is given utmost importance in India which pressurises students to go through plethora of books making studies expensive. After partnering with coaching institutes and publishers, Pedagogy has made it easier for students to get relevant resources. Abhilash Sonwane appreciates IPV for providing them the means to reach out to multiple investors and creating an ecosystem for startups to grow. Abhinav Singhvi, an IPV investor also applauded Pedagogy for its idea of making education accessible and affordable for students which will add to their success.


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