Skincare products have been widely infamous for the number of chemicals they come with but still are largely consumed. Pritika Singh, a biotechnology postgraduate found it unacceptable when people compromised on their health for skincare. After working in cosmetic research and development teams in corporate company for some time and getting unsatisfied with their practices, Pritika started her own organic skin and hair care products company, Tvakh.

Pritika believes beauty should come without any compromise and that’s what Tvakh is aimed at. The natural cosmetic market in India is growing each day with current valuation at $833.4 million and is expected to grow even further. Pritika started with homemade Aloe vera gel and presented the product to a distributor of L’Oréal who referred her to another renowned beauty chain in Chandigarh. She received her first order of 50 Kg aloe vera gel and that was the beginning of Tvakh.

Soon after, Pritika received her manufacturing license and with an initial investment of Rs 6 lakh, she started the production. She started working on her label and product line. Tvakh started with a basic website and 5 products which has now grown to wide range of products and presence on marketplaces like Amazon. The first order came from Mumbai which took Pritika on cloud nine seeing her efforts come to life. The startup operates on a B2B and B2C model. They have developed a good client base with some big names like Dr Sajja’s Mascon Healthcare and Aurel Biollife.

The current pandemic situation has increased the demand of hand sanitizers and this has increased the reach of Tvakh to other states like Assam, Kerala and Delhi. The startup had an annual turn over of Rs 1 crore in its first year and the founder eyes at Rs 10 crore valuation this year. Her experience and connections in the field came handy while marketing the products. Tvakh believes delivering the promised is extremely important to generate organic leads and expand the business. She also wishes to grow the online B2C presence of the company in coming years.


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