Communication channels are making the world smaller with the benefits of increased reach. The big businesses have always looked for platforms to make communication with the teams easier and to provide a solution for the same, Pankaj Gupta launched EnableX. During his entrepreneurial journey, Pankaj realized the need of remote communication systems for enterprises. The companies always relied on platforms like Skype or WebEx because they lacked an in-house service to facilitate communication.

Pankaj identified the need of integrated communication within the company’s application for an end-to-end conversation. The enterprise-grade communication industry sells its services as on-premise solution which is confined in the company’s datacenter. This is isolated and independent from rest of the applications within the firm. Such services are usually expensive and hard to customise based on company’s needs.

EnableX with its inception in 2017 focused on solving these issues. The startup works on Platform as a Service (PaaS) model providing companies to include communication capabilities within their applications and solutions without heavy investments. It gives a pay-as-you-go model to customers and with the addition of Telcos and service providers, the revenue is shared.

The startup provides a wholesome experience with voice, video, SMS and messaging communication options. It also allows user to use any device to operate be it android or iOS or web browser. It also collaborates with SaaS product enterprises like edtech firms and contact centers providing them a transaction-based model based on the user engagement.

EnableX gives its customers the ease to sign up and then customize the product based on the company’s needs. After signing in, companies get their credentials and API keys to connect to the platform. It also provides them with developer documentation, sample applications and code for ready reference.

There are companies already working in the field but with limited communication options while EnableX provides a complete pack. The increasing innovations in the interaction of consumers with the companies has led them to give more value to Customer Experience. The companies can develop their own platforms but they lack the skills  and the technicalities and moreover it demands heavy investment.

The wider range of the startup in communication channel enables them to communicate with a wider audience at once. Pankaj started with his own investment but has managed to raise some amount from individual investors in funding rounds. The company wants to have a strong hold in Asian Market and also expand in Asia-Pacific regions like Japan and Australia and have a set presence in Indonesia and Vietnam.  


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