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Premium food delivery service platform Scootsy owned by Swiggy will be shutting its independent operations according to a report. The operations of Scootsy will be integrated in Swiggy app itself. The move is taken to tap into the elite customer and restaurant base of Scootsy as the company have decided to start premium category on its platform.

One of the sources aware of the development stated that by the end of this month, Swiggy will take over Scootsy’s partners, fleet and bring consumers to its app and shut the platform altogether.

Mumbai-based Scootsy, facilitating dining options for niche, premium, high-ticket size food delivery, high-end bakeries, stores and gifting stores was acquired by Swiggy for Rs 50 crore in 2018. It was allowed to run its operations independently but presently the situation demands retention of premium customers on Swiggy’s website which led to this decision.

The development was also confirmed by a Swiggy spokesperson stating that this will be the first major milestone in setting the premium category in the app. All the Scootsy customers will be redirected to Swiggy post the changes. Due to the safety concern poised by the advent of Covid-19, premium diners have to turn to food delivery. Swiggy reported an increased demand for curated food choices from premium brands.

In last two months, elite hotels and restaurants like ITC, Marriot, Hyatt, KA Hospitality among others have partnered with Swiggy. They already list a few premium options on its platform under premium dining tab. This shift will be quite challenging considering food delivery apps were tagged as sites having “less-affluent” customer base.

Scootsy provided built-in premium features and like pre-ordering, gifting a meal and training for fleet management which currently Swiggy does not have. The company is expected to introduce these features to keep the customer and restaurant base.


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