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India’s education system has been questioned time and again for its theoretical approach and giving very little practical experience. Venu G, founder of EdTech marketplace NoSchool wanted to bridge this gap between education and employability and that is when he thought of creating a platform to provide courses for $1 to make learners industry ready.

NoSchool is a bootstrapped EdTech marketplace which connects industry experts and corporate professionals with students. They aim to facilitate practical coaching classes for college students, professionals, startups, entrepreneurs and business communities.

The platform allows top trainers to upload their content which is then verified by the team at NoSchool. The students can select any course based on their preferences on the company’s app. The trainers are given 60% of $1 for each student. As the prices are low, the platform can attract large number of learners giving trainers a good source of income. As the sessions are recorded, it is a one time for the expert for very good profits.

The startup provides content in English as well as other regional languages. NoSchool was started in May this year with an aim to provide 250 courses covering the IT/software, design, business development, marketing, fund raise, business analysis, project management, product management, health and wellness, career guidance, among other areas.

Majority of the EdTech startups are focused on certification-based learning with affiliation from a university while NoSchool only focuses on practical learning. The 20- member team has already clocked 10,000 daily active and paying users within a month.

Venu talking about future plans of the startup states that, “If you look at Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, there is a huge demand for quality content in technology, business, and digital marketing.” As the learning is entirely digital, the courses can be accessed by users from any corner of the world though the company has expansion plans in aforementioned regions. Their basic plan still remains to sticking to $1 courses forever.


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