With the rise in coronavirus cases which is occurring on an exponential basis, the small businesses have seen a descent in their functioning. The new secretary for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), Arvind Kumar Sharma advocated the utilisation of this period as an opportunity for future prospects. He also said that international should be explored for expansion of businesses. Not just the poorer fraternity is suffering, but also these MSME’s are exposed to innumerable challenges. The new secretary suggested that it is necessary to safeguard the pillar of sustenance for entrepreneurs during this time and promised that small businesses shall make it smoothly through the crisis without affecting jobs. He mentioned “If the backbone is integral, then they shall rise again” in the ministry.

He proposes the period of corona to be explored as an opportunistic time for business expansion highlighting that India relied on imports earlier. With small efforts, step by step the group officials are working together to ensure production of PPE’s is taken care of. He further mentioned that a group of qualified professionals and methodologies when combined could make this a huge success.

The expected stimulus package shall hopefully be approachable towards the MSME’s and their struggles. This distress shall be looked upon as suggested by prime minister, Narender Modi in welfare of the small businesses.


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