Prameya Health

With the increasing number of lifestyle diseases in the country, it has become progressively important to enhance the healthcare sector. With the same vision, a surgeon, an IT professional and a chartered accountant joined hands to develop a start-up, Prameya Health. It is a preventive system of healthcare provision focused on assembling healthy societies together.

With their specialised interventions for cancer, diabetes and other diseases they have stood out in this field already. Dr. Sandhya Ravi, on seeing the agony of breast cancer patients realised how unhealthy lifestyle remained a common factor in all three cases. Not just early detection but also prevention of such diseases can reduce their prevalence by many folds. One in every four women develops breast cancer in the country. Sandhya joined hands with her friend, Sudhir Pai, a CA who happened to be the CEO at Vikram Hospital during the same time. A conversation about the growth of diseases with improper lifestyle lead to the foundation of Prameya Health in Bangalore in 2016.

The vision they hold is to empower people by letting them take control over their lifestyle and wellbeing. Ranga Shetty, an IT professional with 30 years of experience in health technology across India and US joined as a cofounder.

Prameya has devised packages with recognisable practices for precautionary and supportive care. The team relies on the holistic, Efficient, Emotional, Nutritional and Spiritual procedure. The packages are roughly characterised as  SAHAI FENS Cancer Support Programmes, Arogaatam programmes, Pragnyaa and many others for efficient wellbeing. These programmes are specially devised for cancer patients. There are awareness workshops, yoga, meditation, and other programmes for cognitive ability enhancement. The procedure involves screening, especially fitness screening for lifestyle disorders, followed by interventions.

The fees range from Rs 750 for one nutrition session to Rs 9,000 for a three-month group therapy session for cancer patients. The three-month personalised Lifestyle Change Programme is priced at Rs 29,000. Prameya has invested more than a crore to be where it is today. And now a complete team of nutritionists, fitness experts, counsellors, and doctors are involved in the mission to change the lifestyles of people for reversal of diseases


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