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Tech giant Microsoft announced that it has created a 5-year diversity goal to address racial inequality at its offices. This development comes after the mass rage post the African American, George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police. The firm said it will add another $150 million in diversity and inclusion investment to double the number of Black and African-American people managers, senior individual contributors, and senior leaders in the United States by 2025.

The police brutality against African Americans in the US triggered protests in the nation against racial discrimination and also raised a question mark on companies that are in some or the other way part of this system. Google also declared that by 2025 it will have aa 30% workforce from underrepresented groups earlier this month.

Microsoft said in a blogpost that it will also take initiatives to address the needs of other minority groups including the Hispanic and Latinx communities across the company in next five years. The company said it will also double the number of Black and African American-owned approved suppliers over the next three years and spend an incremental $500 million with those existing and new suppliers.

The steps taken by such firms in solidarity with minority communities are extremely beneficial for the upliftment of such groups. The biased system has been going on since centuries and has conditioned people to think in that way. It is important that the powerful companies come forward to help reduce these prejudices and create an equal living opportunity for all.


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