Covid-19 has questioned humankind’s approach to healthcare and made them realize the importance of immunity in a body. Ayurvedic industry has already started gaining spotlight and will continue to do so. Millennium Herbal Care Limited is one such company focusing on Ayurveda for better healthcare. Chintan Gandhi, CEO of Millennium described Ayurveda as ‘kitchen science’ of India and had always been interested in exploring the field.

The company was started in 2001 and it provides products and solutions using plant-based therapies or formulations. They have a wide category of products ranging from dietary supplements to skin and hair care products. They source the herbs from around the world and optimize them based on their benefits.

They have also altered their marketing strategies over the years to make their product reach wider audience. The company shifted its focus from Ayurveda doctors to Allopathy doctors and started pitching their products to them and today about 60% of the prescribers of MHCL medical products come from Allopathic doctors. They also launched their website in 2013 which accounts for about 35% of the total online sales.

The current situation has increased Ayurveda’s demand in the market benefiting the company big time. The Mindshift has gradually started in urban and semi-urban areas and they plan to move into rural market in future as well. MHCL has an annual turnover of around Rs 30 crore and has an export range in countries like East Asia, Africa, the US, and the UK.


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