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The government made India’s startup sector private players and despite the ISRO reluctance in the past, the space agency is now increasing on startups and MSMEs to create and include space technology for the coming times. 

 After announcing three new challenges — propulsion, geospatial information, and robotics/AR/VR — under the Atal Innovation Mission ARISE program yesterday. Besides Isro, ministries of defense, health and family welfare, housing and urban affairs, and food processing industries are participants in the ARISE-ANIC (Applied Research and Innovation In Small Enterprises-Atal New India Challenges) program.

A total of 15 sector-specific challenges have been selected where three challenges have been kept for each ministry. A grant-of-aid of up Rs 50 lakh for a period of 9 to 12 months has been earmarked for startups to develop a minimum usable prototype.

MSME minister said, “I request NITI Aayog to formulate a digitized system where the decision-making process related to a program can be completed in 15-20 days. We need to remove speed breakers in government programs, We have to stop corrupt people in the system and encourage good people in the system.” 

NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant added, “One of the main reasons why we are not able to create great products in India is because ministries do not become the first buyers of startups’ (products). This is a critical challenge. For this program to be successful, the government must become the first buyer. India’s large domestic market can provide a springboard to these new products.” 

India’s approach and way of viewing startups have never been this reaffirming. Maybe the ban on and boycott of Chinese apps and businesses has a very thick silver line. 


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