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Mumbai based EdTech startup ‘SOAL’ has raised Series-A funding round of $1 Mn from SARA Investments, the investment arm of the promoters of Munjal Auto Services Ltd.

School of Accelerated Learning (SOAL), a skill-tank nurturing student into disruptive, tech-empowered creators and future leaders was founded in 2017 by Pratik Agarwal, Raj Desai, and Varsha Bhambhani-Kanwal.

The founders, alumni of ISB, Dev Bootcamp (USA) and IIM-B, had launched SOAL with a project-driven course in Product Engineering aiming to resolve the gap in quality education. It develops the whole gamut of on-the-job skills – relevant tech, superior logic, and soft skills in their learners. Taking it a notch higher, they’ve also recently solved for inclusion by offering income share agreements to their learners from diverse socio-economic strata.

Raj Desai, CEO and co-founder at SOAL said, “We at SOAL are constantly on a lookout for learners with a potential for tech disruption and launching them as India’s top product developers, designers and managers. With the freshly raised funds, we will invest in their success and provide them with equal learning opportunities to meet the demands of the industry as it gets competitive. The next frontier for us will be emerging economies. We are pleased to have Anuj and his team supporting us in our vision of making quality education accessible and adding to it with their keen business sense.”

Anuj Munjal, SARA Investments – Investment Wing of Munjal Auto Industries), said, “India has substantial potential to capitalize owing to its massive population. Unfortunately, the discrepancies in the country’s formal education system keep it from fully tapping into this talent prospect. The country is still considerably lagging behind the global standards of contemporary education and innovation. Since digital is the only way forward, the youth needs to hone their skills in this direction. The founding team at SOAL has made a brilliant headway in transforming the country’s youth into aspiring creators of digital products, and I wholeheartedly share their splendid passion.”

Mumbai-based startup, founded by trio Pratik Agarwal, Raj Desai, and Varsha Bhambhani-Kanwal, will utilize the freshly raised funds towards augmenting its proprietary technology platform named DELTA, an AI-enabled personalized learning assistant. It is also gearing up to offer programmes in product management, artificial intelligence, android development and blockchain.


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