Lockdown 3.0 has also been extended owing to the increasing number of cases. The government has released revised guidelines for Lockdown 4.0 which also includes delivery of non-essential items in red zones. Initially, only essentials were allowed which did not make up a lot of business for the e-commerce websites. The instructions were relaxed for delivery in green and orange zones and with the latest development, e-commerce businesses can run on full swing throughout the country.

This news has brought relief to the e-commerce companies as majority of their operations were on hold from last two months. Even though Government allowed services in orange and green zones from may 4, it did not help the companies a lot considering a large part of the country was in red zone.

The companies have already received huge wish lists from consumers mostly including electronics like laptop and mobile phone. Metropolitan and Tier 1 cities make up about 70% of the e-commerce business. This step will not only help the e-commerce firms but also the consumers in receiving goods which they are unable to otherwise.


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