The tech world is growing bigger each day. Spintly, a Goa based Internet of Things (IoT) startup has raised 1.9 Crore in Pre-Series A funding round. The investment came from early-stage US angel investors and Saltwater Angel Sparks, Goa based venture accelerator.

IoT is a new technology enabling transfer of data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Spintly is first of its kind in the world providing wireless access control back end system to the users. The investors believe that the company has great potential catering to the fat that it has a unique and superior technology.

Rohin Parkar and Malcolm Dsouza started Spintly in 2017 under Mrinq Technologies LLP. The startup holds the capacity to change the way access control systems work. It is cloud based so it allows users to use their smartphones as control device. The founders believe that there is high demand of touchless technology in hospitals, hotels, coworking space and large office settings to ensure safety of the workforce as well as their customers. The startup aims to use the funding in development of their production to meet the high demands.

Spintly began in Goa-government run startup incubator, Ignite-EDC Innovation Hub. The startup has a wide range of audience ranging from SMEs and MNCs to co-working spaces, coliving spaces and the hospitality industry. Spintly has seen a wide growth within a year of its inception. It has expanded to the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru with over 2500 users. They already are serving some big names in the market like OYO, P&G, L&T, MyGate and Simply-Guest.


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