EdTech is one of the most celebrated industries in the current times and investors are trusting firms dealing in education with their money in the uncertain times. FrontRow, another EdTech startup has recently raised $3 million from Lightspeed and SAIF partners. The startup gives a platform to learn hobbies, creative arts and sports. The facilitators don’t have to be subject expert but should have a good knowledge of specific skill.

FrontRow is kind of a masterclass which provides diversified learning space to the users. It was founded by former Lightspeed executive Ishaan Preet Singh along with Mikhil Raj and Shubhadit Sharma. Speculations say that the startup will go live in a few months.

According to one of the sources, “Since there is market uncertainty, all investors are trying to play safe and write small cheques. After taking stock and coming up with strategies for their existing portfolio companies, early-stage investors are now having conversations with startups that have the potential to grow in the current scenario.”

The user behavior is expected to shift in sectors related to education, gaming and content sites which has diverted the attention of investors in this space. This also reflects on how the investment industry has transformed during the pandemic. Even though majority of businesses are on hold, investors are taking to new platforms to discuss the deals and benefit from investing in the right industry in the moment.


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