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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX recently appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” Podcast and had a candid conversation with the comedian Joe Rogan, host of the show. They spoke about Musk’s new born, his brain-interface startup Neuralink and the pandemic among other topics. The 2-hour podcast had several interesting conversations including Musk explaining the reason to put his properties on sale.

Musk has decided to get rid of most of his possessions because according to him, Billionaires have been wrongly perceived. He believes that possessions weigh a person down. Elon says, “They’re kind of an attack vector, you know? People say, ‘Hey Billionaire, you’ve got all this stuff.” Well, Now I don’t have stuff. Now what are you going to do?” Pledged to sell his homes, Musk has put two of his California properties on sale this week. The Bel Air Properties will be bringing in $39.5 million for Musk.

A few days back, Elon uploaded a series of tweets declaring his decision of selling off his possessions. In one of the tweets he also said that the Tesla’s stock price was too high which costed him dearly with people withdrawing themselves out of the company within hours of the tweet.

The entire pandemic for him was like watching a movie again in English as he already saw everything roll out in China even before America. Musk believes the lockdown is against Civilian rights and has been quite critical of government’s decision. Tesla’s vehicle assembly plant in Fremont, California has seen no action from past month as authorities have instructed to stay indoors until the end of May. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California has said the country is ready to initiate reopening but states can choose their own timelines.

As the countries start opening again, Tesla plans to get back in business. The company’s priorities now will be to increase the output of the new Model Y crossover, constructing a factory near Berlin and developing the cyber truck. They also plan on expanding production by opening new plants in the outskirts of Shanghai. Tesla is scheduled to fly American Astronauts to the space later this month.    


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