This unprecedented crisis has brought significant changes in buyer personas. More and more people are joining online platforms to buy essentials as the movement has become restricted. Simpl, a payment platform has seen a surge in transactions of online orders of essentials by 30-35%. This development has been noticed majorly in metro cities.

40% of new consumers moving from offline to online for essentials and another 45% for medicines. Simpl provides the facility of Buy now and Pay later which makes the platform more convenient. The report said that even though there is a crunch of delivery executives, there has been an increase in the orders for essentials. The bill size as well has seen an increase by 30-35% across the board.

The time of ordering as well has been affected as earlier 30-40% orders were placed between 10 AM-1PM and 60-70% of orders between 6-9 PM but post lockdown, there is no such timeframe. Even transactions for essentials mostly happened either in beginning of month or on weekends but since the lockdown there has been no difference and orders are placed throughout the week. Consumers also started stocking up but when they were unable to order online, the offline stock increased as the lockdown was announced.


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