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Jimmy’s, a cocktail mixer startup has raised $350K in a funding round led by Ekcle Ventures. Vidur Talwar, Chairman T&T Motors, Angad Bhatia of Times Internet also contributed in the investment round. The company has decided to utilize the investment in expanding its reach, onboard new talent and develop new product.

Jimmy’s Cocktails was launched in September 2019 in Delhi NCR by a bunch of co-founders. Ankur Bhatia, co-founder of Jimmy’s said, “Cocktails were always trending in India but the consumption was limited to premium bars. Our product allows consumers to now enjoy these flavourful concoctions from the comfort of their homes, without the hassle of buying multiple ingredients or mixing expertise.”

The startup adapted itself to the current situations and launched D2C sales through its consumer website. The company received massive response on its online sales. Jimmy’s has a presence in 200 retail stores in Delhi/NCR region since its inception. Mirza Baig, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of the startup explained that the team spent a year working with several mixologists before launching its products.

The firm fought its urge to go national and stuck to its local base to record consumer response and feedback and work on their recipes. Jimmy’s is finely crafted to be enjoyed both as a ready-to-drink mocktail as well as a mixer for premium spirits. As a teetotaler, I often faced a lack of choices when socializing,” added Nitin Bhardwaj, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Jimmy’s currently offers 4 flavors and to ensure the highest standards, they source their raw-materials only from top-notch places globally. Baig stated, “It was not easy to craft the recipe which needed to both taste great straight up as a mocktail and stand its ground as a cocktail by just mixing the right spirit.”

Anirudh Somani, an investor at Ekcle Ventures, who will be joining the company’s board, said “Jimmy’s is in a unique space at a unique time. We found the business interesting as they have a first-mover advantage and are being guided by experienced industry hands. To add to this, home parties and DIY cocktails are now likely to become more of a necessity than a desire.”


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