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Draper Startup House (DSH), a global chain of hostels for young startups and entrepreneurs has launched Draper Venture Syndicate Network which is a seed stage investment syndicate platform in India. The venture is aimed to provide seed and angel investments to local startups by using the company’s global network of investors.

The Singapore-based global syndicate will help the startups to connect with significant investors for their firm and vice-versa. With syndications, DSH will also open the option of investment through the San-Francisco based Draper University Fund.

Draper Startup House already has a strong network of 25 investors and 37 startups which it plans to further expand and onboard a few major investment firms like Qualcomm Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners, Inventus Venture Partners, and Axilor Ventures.

Draper Venture Network, the venture capital arm of American venture capital investor Tim Draper was rebranded to Draper Startup House post the $3.5 million investment in Tribe Theory earlier this year.

India is witnessing the growth of Angel syndicate with several old networks like Indian Angel Network (IAN) and Mumbai Angels have ruled the market in last decade. Lets Venture and Angelist, the new-age startups have brought new investors for early-stage investing in India.

Draper Startup House is the latest entrant in the list of venture capital firms focusing on seed local startups. Blume Ventures, India Quotient, Orios, Good Capital, and Arkam Ventures among many others have already joined this list in past few years.


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