Even before the lockdown began, the apartments started blocking entry of vendors and other outsider poising a big problem for residents. The crunch of essentials like groceries, medicines and other services created a desperate need for solution. The apartment security startup, ADDA launched ‘Discover’ as an apartment service marketplace as a solution.

Discover allows the residents to get essentials easily through the trusted vendors. It also provides platform to local merchants to continue their business and generate revenue. They are strictly following contactless deliveries making the platform more secure. Discover works like any other hyperlocal delivery app where vendors can list their services and customers can select based on their convenience.

The Bangalore-based startup has been helping the state government in their initiative of bringing 16000+ shops online. ADDA has partnered with brands like ShopG, GreenVeggies, EvrCare and Tailslife to bring a seamless experience over variety of products and services. Services like fumigation, community sanitization, pest control are also available on Discover.

The company has managed to onboard 60 vendors within a month and the customers can avail the services based on their location. The vendors have also been recommended by the neighbors themselves, making the app more reliable. The marketplace is live in metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune and the expansions is planned for smaller cities as well. Discover isn’t generating revenue yet but they soon plan on charging the vendors for pushing their services.

Founded by San Banerjee in 2009, ADDA came with the idea of creating a centralizing platform for the housing societies. It is currently used in 2000 gated communities across 80 cities in India. ADDA Gatekeeper and ADDA ERP are two of its subscription-based facilities. They have seen a growth of 30-40% growth in revenues. The tier 2 cities have joined the platform as well. ADDA plans on raising more funds in future and currently is also in conversations with Venture Capitals for the same. The company has firm beliefs that there will be a shift from security guards to automated security systems in future.


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