In the latest survey by Sensor Tower, it is reported that Zoom becomes the most downloaded app leaving behind Tik-Tok in April. Tik-Tok is a video sharing app and has topped the charts in the number of downloads always but due to more and more people working from home and taking online classes, Zoom has gained quite some popularity.

Zoom is a US-based video conferencing app with approximately 131 million downloads in the month April itself giving it the first position. It is followed by Tik-Tok, Facebook and WhatsApp on second, third and fourth position respectively. India has the highest recorded total downloads of the app at 18.2% which is approximately 6 million installations out of total 80 million. It is followed by the US at 14.3%. The app has also been questioned by Indian Government for its security and privacy issues and been labeled as not secure for video conferencing.

Tik-Tok was the highest downloaded app in March with over 115.2 million installations. It slipped to rank 2 with 107 million downloads in the month of April. India and US lead the charts here as well with 22% and 9% contribution respectively. Tik-Tok is soaring heights with over 2 billion downloads on Google Play Store and The App Store.

Arogya Setu, the app to trace Covid-19 also made space in the list at 7th position. This isn’t surprising considering that government has made it mandatory for all public and private sector employees. They are also planning to work on a version for features phones as well. The app is said to have clocked 90 million downloads which will only grow exponentially from hereon. Other apps in the list were Google Meet, Instagram, Messenger, Netflix and Microsoft teams. 


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