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Smart home devices have been creating a woot in the Indian market since 2017 now. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made our lives so much easier, it is improbable to go back to a life without any of our ‘smart’ devices. Initially, it was AI security systems that were most used in homes and got very likable by people, in India. That is when Wobot.ai came into the picture.

Wobot Intelligence works on data analysis of surveillance in a workplace and converts it into small or short videos- in layman’s language, it is a Video Analytics Platform. It implements a layer of AI, cutting down on the manual effort to sort surveillance out.

It was founded by Tapan Dixit, Tanay Dixit, and Adit Chhabra in December of 2017, has 41-60 employees(core) and is based in Delhi. Their clientele includes IRCTC, cure.fit, KITOPI, and Rebel Foods. 

Wobot recently got funding of $2.5 Million led by Sequoia. A portion of the funding will be used to make some key executive appointments and expands its sales, accelerate product development to accommodate more cases and customers.

“Wobot’s vision has always been to create a transparent and seamless workplace with 100% process compliance where the camera acts as a third eye and provides continuous feedback for employees on the job,” said Chhabra, one of the co-founding members of Wobot.ai.

Ashish Agrawal, principal at Sequoia Capital India, addressed the fact that computer vision has seen tremendous advances in recent years, resulting in widespread adoption for varied enterprise needs. Feels like Sequoia has found in Wobot, a potential best friend!

Wobot’s active marketing competitors are Corseco, San Francisco’s 3VR, Duranc, and Uncanny Vision, to name a few.

Prior to this, the start-up had got funding of an undisclosed amount from Titan Capital, in a seed round from the founding members of Snapdeal, Kunal Bal and Rohit Bansal.


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