The MG Developer Program & Grant is a project to create an innovation platform of choice, for developers and innovators, that will encourage them to build new applications and experiences never imagined before in a car. On Wednesday, they announced the selection of Voxomos as the third startup under the project. Voxomos has a conversational AI platform that offers a range of voice and language solutions.

The startup comprises neural text-to-speech (Indian Languages and Accents), Speech-to-text (Dynamic Multilingual Phrase Recognition), Voice Biometrics as well as Natural Language Understanding and Conversational AI. MG Motor India’s Chief Commercial Officer, Gaurav Gupta explained that voice will change the whole nature of UI in vehicles and it will be the next revolution in the automotive sector.

Voxomos will play an important role in enhancing the company’s focus on voice interaction and simplifying their internal functions as well. Out of the 300 entries that the program received only 60 were shortlisted for mentorship with MG’s channel partners. The MG Developer Program and Grant is launched in association with Adobe, Cognizant, SAP, Airtel, TomTom and Unlimit with TiE Delhi-NCR as ecosystem partners.


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