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As a part of our initiative, we invited yet another passionate Womanpreneur  Ms.Saudamini Singh for an interview with us to understand more about her entrepreneurial journey. She is the Founder At The Ginete. Let’s learn more about her exciting journey, her background and her advice for our growing community! Dynamic, daring and a go-getter—these words are floating around the lady herself.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey, so far.

I am the founder and promoter of The Ginete. Till date, I have touched more than 5000 lives in my 8 years of rich training experience. I am Dale Carnegie certified corporate trainer and have travelled across India to conduct several training programs for the corporates, institutes, incubators, and government organizations. I have been fortunate to conduct my trainings at IGNFA, PTC, CED, Maruti Suzuki, Gujarat Innovation Council, UIT to name a few.

Talking about my journey, like Martin Luther King Jr said:

If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t walk run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl. But by all means, keep moving.

The journey has been beautiful so far with many ups and downs, lows and highs, changes, and improvements. I can’t remember a time when I was bored because, there was something always happening. Self-Belief made me grow stronger every passing day.

What is your company all about?

 ‘The Ginete’ is dedicatedly working in the space of corporate training, start-up mentoring, ‘Train the Trainer’ programs, and new generation grooming.

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img: Saudamini Singh

Could you describe your product/service line?

At ‘The Ginete’ programs are curated that best fit the organizational needs. 

Under Corporate Training, we train organizations and their leaders in relationship enhancement, leadership, group dynamics, and conflict management to name a few. We also cover employee wellbeing programs that include embracing change, managing stress, employee engagement, and much more.

Under the Start-up Mentoring Program, we train the start-ups in design thinking, business model mechanism, effective marketing mix, high impact presentations, the art of selling, and leadership skills. We also provide HR support functions to budding start-ups, entrepreneurs, and MSMEs.

Under Train the Trainer, we conduct faculty development programs where we help faculty understand the behavioural aspect of the youth and how to best guide and create a room for learning

Under New Generation Grooming Programs, we train the students in the courses which are mostly not taught in their respective schools or colleges. This includes awareness programs, gender sensitization, soft skills, and deep- work mechanism.

We have a rich team of experts from the industry who have more than 15 years of experience in Executive Coaching, NLP, and Corporate Training Programs.

Is the industry/niche in which you are adaptable?

Training is a huge industry and it is important to reach out to more and more people who need support, development, and growth. It is also important to create platforms where trainers can come together and explore opportunities. I strongly believe in continuous growth and development and this has been and still is one of the biggest inspirations.

Could you describe one of the most challenging times in your journey? What kept you going on?

Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of challenges. Initial phases are challenging, from coming out of a financially secured full-time job to paving way for something that you are made for. Trust me, the journey is thrilling.

I remember the times when I had to attend meetings and pitch clients. I was broke, I used to borrow Rs. 100-200 from my roommate or other friends for rickshaw and reach the client’s office with a wide smile as if I am the happiest person on this earth – only to come back with an answer- ‘We will get back to you.’ I used to schedule other meetings having no idea how I would manage!

God has been very kind. My friends and parents have been a great support. I am an achiever, looking back is just not my thing. I am adamant in a positive way. I will make my way. If one doesn’t help me reach goals, I will carve another. But, I will.

How has your work-life balance been in this lockdown?

Work-Life Balance has not been an issue for me as I am single. Things didn’t change much at the personal front but yes, professionally it has been tough. And, I think it is tough for everyone. We need to stay strong and help each other sustain and this too shall pass!

What is your Ikigai?

The primary objective of my start-up is to touch lives and make a difference. Bring visible improvements and enhance essential skills; to strongly impact both organizations and people and this is my Ikigai.

As a budding entrepreneur, how do you manage your stress?

I read, meditate, and practice Reiki. It helps me get my answers by strengthening my vision. I believe meditation in any form is the most natural and scientific way to beat stress.

What do you feel is the key to success?

Consistency and clarity are the keys to success. Sometimes we do not get immediate results but if we consistently work on it, it will bring great returns in the long run.

What habit of yours makes you more productive?

PRIORITIZING! I have practice prioritizing my work. It helps me focus on the task at hand. I try to cherish the moments. When I work, I just work. When I party, I party. It helps you relish every small and big events.

Where do you see The Ginete 5 years hence?

I see The Ginete as an organization adding value to the trainers and people we associate with and create employment opportunities. To be recognized as an organization that emphasizes on overall development.

Your advice for our budding entrepreneurs.

  • Get clarity that why do you want to be an entrepreneur.
  • Be self-driven and consistent.
  • You have a long way to go!
  • Make small and smart goals.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Give yourself some time.
  • You can hit the bulls-eye only after practice.

Keep Rising and Shining!


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