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The advent of the Corona Virus bought a lot of drastic changes in our lifestyle. Changes such as working from home, online teaching, and online courses. The field of Edtech, too, saw massive growth and expansion. That is when Springboard comes into the picture.

Springboard, an Edtech platform, witnessed a 330% student enrollment growth from June 2019 to June 2020. The company was found by Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambay, in 2013. 

The participatory investors include Vulcan Capital and SJF ventures and returning investors such as Costanoa Ventures, Pearson Ventures, Blue Fog Capital, and Learn Capital. 

Springboard’s objective after raising such a hefty amount is on employability. The company plans to allocate its workforce and focus on new hiring focused products and strengthening employer partnerships to help graduates achieve their dream career. 

Parul Gupta, the co-founder, pointed out the fact that “India is witnessing one of its toughest challenges owing to the recent job losses that have impacted a large section of the workforce. It is therefore imperative for displaced workers to make the difficult to new, in-demand careers.” 

The company affirms that 94% of its students are placed within a year, with an average salary increase of $26,000. They have successfully placed their students into companies like Samsung, Cisco, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. 

They are planning on coming up with a lot of new products, one of them includes, ‘Springboard Introductions’ offering students on the platform personalized introductions and job referrals from the portal’s community of fellow and former students and mentors, among others. It has plans to make innovation in the AI front too. 

Its active market competitors in India include Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, and Progate which are also working towards making an online space very welcoming and linear, in such difficult times. 

Overalls, the Online Certification Industry, and Edtech’s future in India look brighter than day itself! Let’s see what Springboard has in store for us. 


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