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It is very clear that world will never be the same again after the pandemic. Activities like shopping, eating in a restaurant or partying will change greatly as the risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus will stay with us for a long time. Technology will play a huge role in helping the world move forward in post Covid times. Startups have already started coming up with technologies that can make mass movement easy.

New Delhi-based startup Park+ has collaborated with malls and restaurants to help them monitor the entry of customers. The app will create a mall pass on the user’s device so the mall security guards can help them check in and check out and also check and track their body temperature.

As public places like malls and restaurants start opening up, startups have come with innovative solutions to ensure hygienic norms, contactless parking and shopping, Staqu, an AI-based startup will be using its video analytics platform Jarvis to control the spread of coronavirus in public spaces. It uses existing CCTV cameras and thermal cameras to determine if the social distancing norms are being followed or not and also monitors body temperature in real time.

Staqu and Dineout have collaborated to help the restaurant partners of Dineout to maintain safety standards in their businesses. Its video analytics platform will be integrated with cameras installed at partner kitchens to check if safety regulations and precautionary measures are being followed by the staff. Real-time analytics will help notify violations, prompting the management to take immediate action by tracking the suspect.

“Integrating Jarvis in Dineout’s existing framework will help restaurants and food aggregators safely navigate through the crisis and win customers back as business turns a new leaf in the unlock,” said Atul Rai, co-founder and chief executive officer, Staqu. As the customers will be able to see the live streaming of cooking, it will help in boosting their confidence in the restaurant.

Atul Rai is also partnering with malls and restaurants to offer them his Covid-19 suite of services that includes covid-19 identification, suspect tracing, personal protective equipment monitoring, security, safety, hygiene analytics and people analytics. The startup can also identify the number of people entering the lift and if they are wearing mask or not and send real-time updates based on that.

Other startups that are making the movement in public places easier via their services include Park+ which enables contactless parking and Magneto Cleantech which ensures air sanitization in malls and hotels as there is a possibility of virus spreading faster through air conditioners.


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