Smile in Hour

The entrepreneurs are coming with innovative ideas to make life simpler for people. One such startup is Smile in hour which has fastened up the process of providing beautiful smiles. Started by Dr. Bharat Agrawat in 2018, Smile in Hour is a unique startup. It is one of its kind, “Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry” Spalon. Dr. Agrawat is one of the most renowned dentists in India with years of experience in the field.

Smile in Hour is an innovative approach to dentistry. It provides cosmetic laser dental implants clinic spa and many other value-added services. SIH provides solution within an hour making it more viable for fast-paced lives. The customers can go on with their normal lives within hours of treatment. They use advanced technology to make the traditional processes better like 3D CT Scan, Digital Smile Design, T Scan for bite accuracy, laser and computer-guided Implant Dentistry.

SIH tries to create an atmosphere of acceptance within their clinic for patients with dental anxiety. It helps their patients to relax and provide them a calm experience. Their advanced technology helps them create a permanent restoration before the surgery ensuring accurate treatment. The startup caters to the demands of fast moving world by speeding up the treatment giving it a very unique selling point.


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