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Cross-platform user-generated content (UGC) and modding service platform has announced that it has raised $4 million funding led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge and Makers Fund.

The venture capital firm Sequoia Capital has recently announced the names of 17 startups including that will receive early-stage funding under its fourth cohort Sequoia Surge programme, Surge 4. The programme included startups across a wide range of sectors including edtech, fintech, SME tech, dev tools, consumer, healthtech and B2B marketplaces.

The funding round also witnessed participation from Play Ventures, GameTech Ventures and Machinefloor.

The fresh funds will allow the startup to continue to simplify mod support for game developers. The firm also has plans to provide advanced functionality in metrics, moderation, persistence, branded integration, and creator economies, where available alternatives do not exist

Founded in 2019 by Scott Reismanis and Patrick Sotiriou, the startup provides a service that helps game developers launch in-game, platform-agnostic UGC communities.

More than 50 games use across 11 storefronts, including various platforms such as PC, Xbox, iOS and Android. The startup currently has more than 65 million downloads and plan to launch their mod support on consoles in the coming months.

Reismanis, who is the co-founder of, said UGC has the potential to become the next big thing in the gaming industry and claimed that they are pushing the boundaries with UGC. Reismanis who has earlier launched said, “We foresee that mods will be a staple on every platform and elevated to the position of a key game feature. It’s still early days for UGC, so it’s a matter of giving creators the tools they need to innovate and succeed.”


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