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Kochi-based startup Livve, a rental space provider, has raised $1.5 million in seed funding through angel investors.

Livve was founded in the year 2015. The rental space provider is on a mission to solve the ever-lasting problem in the real estate ecosystem with its innovative solutions for both owners and tenants Cochin, Kerala, India.

The startup now has a strong presence in Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Dubai. It had 480 houses on the platform as of May 2020.

Maya Lakshman, COO of Livve, said: “We’re excited to change the housing ecosystem. With this boost of motivation, we are sure to change the way people perceive rental space till now.” 

For tenants, the startup offers low deposits and a standardised living experience. It also gives one-month deposit option to tenants, which can be used as the last month’s rent. Livve also assures tenants to receive their full advance on the same day of vacating the property.

The business model of Livve involves selecting properties that surpass the average ratings of a house, improve their interiors, offer rent models to the owners at par (depending on the location and society), standardize the property with a set of furniture including the ACs, sofa, TV, wardrobe, bed with a proper mattress, lighting, study table etc. and finally put it up for rent. What makes Livve unique is that for the owner of the property, they will provide you with the agreed rent, irrespective of the pandemic or any crisis, and for the tenants, everything in the property is fixed already so the experience is as if they’ve entered a luxurious hotel.

it will use the funds to find quality furnished homes and connect tenants and landlords on a common platform. Livve also said it will be doubling its operations and improving the quality of the experience with technology.


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