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California-based non-profit international organization, New Energy Nexus has partnered with Climate Collective to launch New Energy Nexus India with an aim to create the largest clean energy startup ecosystem in South Asia. Climate Collective is a not-for-profit organization focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in the environment space.

The initiative is expected to use the global outreach and experience of New Energy Nexus and the Climate Collective’s successful projects in the region to provide the startups a push and support which is essential for a fortunate and right transition to a clean energy ecosystem.

Danny Kennedy, CEO of New Energy Nexus stated, “The idea is to bring together two existing things to make something that is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is an effort to take the great work that the Climate Collective has been doing for a number of years in India and joining up with the work we have also done in India since 2016, and have other entities join in, to see how we can add to the innovation ecosystem of India.”

New Energy Nexus and Climate Collective have been partners for over 4 years now with their first project in 2016, “India’s first Solar Hackathon”. A statement issued by the firms said, “After four years of working together, the natural next step was to formalize our relationship and form New Energy Nexus India.”

The Indian Clean Energy startups will benefit from the network of New Energy Nexus as it will help them with capital formations outside India and connect them with other big ideas, incubators, accelerators and programs. They also expect to bring companies from international waters to Indian marketplace. They will also support startups with training, hackathons and accelerators to boost their business.

The new venture has already started developing programs specially curated for the region. They also plan on starting an online course, “New Energy Nexus Startup School 2019-2020” for budding startups in the field. The others projects that the firm is working on include the Climate Launchpad, a pre-revenue accelerator program, The Climate Runway (DST) accelerator and Climate Ready for Women pre-accelerator.


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