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We wonder what we would have done if there were no OTT channels for us to pass our time during the lockdown. In fact, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Eros Now and many of their counterparts have come up with free movies and web series to entertain the public.

Regarding the popularity of the OTT channels, a report has revealed that of all the OTT channels, Netflix has emerged as the largest beneficiary.

Find out what the report says about OTT channels right here!

Netflix Emerges As Top Beneficiary OTT Channel: Report By KalaGato
All the companies have found their economies to decline heavily due to the lockdown caused by the outbreak of Coronavirus. However, OTT channels are probably the only industry to get their economy to increase in this critical period.

According to data released by market research firm KalaGato, Netflix is the most popular platform for millennials for binge-watching. The report states that user engagement has boosted by 68% to 80 minutes each day as of March 28 which was only a little under 50 minutes on February 5.

The report states, “Juxtapose this with Hotstar that has experienced a thirty percent decline in total session time. This could be a result of the different content libraries of the two platforms. Netflix creates the sensation of an endless well of content while Hotstar’s library feels much more limited. Netflix is built for binge watching while other feels more point and shoot.”

Hotstar’s Popularity Sinks; MX Player’s Popularity Boosts
The report also revealed that there has been a steep decline in user engagement for Hotstar. The platform which had more than 50 minutes a day user engagement, went down to under 40 minutes as of March 28.

As per analysts, it is the rich sports content that attracts the customers to Hotstar over other OTT channels. Given the loss of any sports events happening right now, such as the IPL (Indian Premier League) being canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, viewers are preferring to other platforms for other content.

Even MX Player’s online content has increased by 18%. The total viewership on a daily basis rose to about 50 minutes which was 40 minutes during the period.


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