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As a part of our initiative, we invited an ardent professional  Mr. Malav Shah, who despite being specially-abled achieved his dreams! We asked him for an interview with us to know more about his journey of becoming the Founder of Reolo. Let’s learn more about his exciting journey and his hustles in the following interview!

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Tell us about your entrepreneurial story? How did your interest in holography develop?

My name is Malav Shah, a 21-year-old entrepreneur.  I’m in the last year of Computer Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.

I am the founder & CEO of ‘Reolo Holographics PVT LTD’. The company is in the hologram technology industry, which enables a person to be at multiple places simultaneously at the same time being at home. With the same impact as if the person might be just there. In a way ‘we make a person’s reflection to work for them’.  

Hologram technology in itself is a fascinating technology. I feel privileged in developing this kind of technology-based in India. We envision it to be the new routine of the people by commercializing into regular sectors like Marketing/Advertisement, Entertainment, Fashion, Education. I feel that the youth would take upon themselves to pave the path of this technology to a new routine and not just experience.

How did the idea of Reolo come upon?

With my own physical challenges and the will to do things normally, one fine evening, I got an idea, i.e. if not me then I can make my reflection to do what I want it to. That’s when the seed of developing Reolo Hologram Technology was sown. Later on, we realized that this is what we have always wished for! And during the pandemic, people wanted to be at multiple places at the same time being at the home, by means of their reflection, and hence hologram would seem to be as real as they were just there.  

While starting your venture what challenges did you overcome?

Down the line, adaptation towards new technology has been the challenge. We have faced two kinds of challenges until now.

  • First, to educate people about the technology overcall (had to give iron man examples too sometimes). 
  • Second, being a student entrepreneur, managing the academics along with Reolo’s development in the market. With every successful project, we gained the faith of the people around us and most importantly our potential clients.

What does your product/service basket include?

The primary objective of Reolo is to make reflection work and increase the productivity of one’s being. We are enabling it to every aspect of what we always wished for. In a way, this will enable all that you can visualize. For example, a person would be at multiple places, visual-based learning in education, brand ambassador endorsing brand at the stores being at their own home, multiple standup comedy, interactive history-telling at museums.

How does your venture cater to the needs of different sectors like education, corporates, etc.?

We offer our services in advertisement/marketing, education, concerts, fashion, entertainment segments as of now. This can appeal to other various sectors with different use-cases.

How has the pandemic affected your organization?

Pandemic has been so far so good for our organization as it has made our product more relevant. Everyone was locked down to their respective homes, and the need for holograms rose more during this time. Not only this but during this very pandemic we got to tap into the international market with 5+ countries including the likes of the USA, Canada. 

What is your psalm of life?

The Psalm of my life is to leave a mark and change people’s mindset towards the differently-abled people. Being one, I know they are not just limited to government jobs or sympathy. When we can be inspired by Stephen hawking why are we reluctant to treat and give opportunities to the specially-abled people around us!


Whom do you look up to for inspiration?

The Vision and the Will to make difference inspires me to continue doing what I’m doing right now. I look up to my journey as well to inspire myself to not give up. With 37% of the abled body, if I could survive all, I could do what I have envisioned to. I am influenced by Anupam Kher’s saying ‘Life mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai’.  From entrepreneurs, I look up to Vijay Shekhar Sharma and Ritesh Agarwal who created an impactful business and had such great belief no matter what. 

Tell me about the project that turned out to be a breakthrough.

Breakthrough! Eventually, it happened in this pandemic itself. With the same use-case Reolo started off, we worked with the Chief Minister of Gujarat to develop his hologram and deliver it to the hospitals where he couldn’t reach to motivate doctors and patients. We made sure his hologram looked real. Apart from this, the most satisfying part was to contribute to the society during these hard times.

Any fascinating present or future projects which you would like to share with our readers? 

There are a lot of new projects that are going on right now. From Holographic Navratri to Holographic mannequin to Holographic actors who are used for advertising in stores/streets to Holographic gaming; there are a plethora of fascinating things on the way which we have had witnessed in sci-fi movies only!

Our readers would want to know some entrepreneurial tips?

  • Be realistic. 
  • Mindset and Will are what matters the most as it has all to take you where you wish to. In a way, these elements are catalysts to our wishes/dreams, have a strong one. 
  • Happiness and peace!

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